Welcome to Seamaris!

Your home away from home, and a realm budding with romance!

Seafolk, Krakens, and Selkies oh my!

All the way from the bustling capital of Litoria, to the small village of Driftwood Cove, love is in the air in this coastal and aquatic realm. Explore the various land dwelling and ocean bound cities, meet new people, and fall in love with the various creatures of this realm.

Hi! This is a small role-playing game I'm working on my own, and I'm so happy you decided to come and visit! This is just a small section of a fantasy world I'm working on, with Seamaris only being one realm out of many. Personally, as someone who loves the ocean, it's my favorite.

I'm still working on character icons and more features, but I want this to be like a DND campaign. There is a main plot if you want to follow that, or maybe you just want to chill and romance some villagers like Stardew Valley, it's all up to you! I hope you enjoy the characters and the story, because I put a lot of effort into this world. Bye! Have fun exploring this little page!